Sunday, October 24, 2004

weekend wrap up

since my little dummy spit, i've just been getting on with life. two people finished up at work on friday - miss shell is moving on but i'll still see her at bowling. another girl in my team has returned home to malaysia. i'm hoping it will be my farewell being celebrated soon even if the damned agency have not bothered to return my calls - can't understand why - i can make money for them if they get me a job. i'll keep plugging away at job applications anyway. after leaving work on friday, i jammed in my earphones, turned up the volume on my discman and walked from circular quay to central (just for something to do. it took about 40 minutes.) it started to rain about halfway there and i'd left my umbrella at work but i didn't care. it was nice to let the rain wash away the week.

on saturday, miss e and i went to see 'collateral'. i'm not a big fan of tom cruise as an actor (regardless of how he treated 'our nic' - i care even less about her...) but i do think he is a gorgeous looking man. the movie was pretty good and i enjoyed watching. i even managed to not see the plot twist at the end, even if it was terribly obvious in hindsight! after the movie, we walked down to coogee and had a coffee. it was such a gorgeous day.

today was spent in the usual sunday fashion, laundry and housework. the weather did a u-turn and it has been grey and wet all day. i'm glad we've had a few spring days in between the early summer and the extended winter!

  1. Blackout:: candles
  2. Platinum:: blonde
  3. Leather and lace:: ugh... what a shocking combination
  4. Court:: house
  5. Mind your own business:: mind your own beeswax
  6. Gambling:: poker machines
  7. Lily:: susan
  8. Evasive:: avoiding
  9. Turn-on:: kisses
  10. Suspect:: package
soundtrack of the last few days:
kicking the national habit : grand national (about a million times, seriously...)
o : damien rice - i read on his website forum that one of his melbourne concerts was a bit dismal - sounds like the metro was the best show of the tour - yeah!