Friday, November 12, 2004

aaahhhh!!!! that's better...

slowly sinking into holiday mode. breathe in, breathe out, drop the shoulders, allow the diaphragm to relax and come down from it's hiding place up inside my ribcage.

i had lunch today with the nick, an old workmate who i have not seen for about 2 years. i lashed out and took an hour for lunch so we had a nice catch up gossip.

holiday 'slug mode' activated when i dialled the number to have a pizza, from queens park pizza, delivered for my dinner. i'm now blogcruising and plan to stay up as late as i can stay awake. the way i'm yawning, that could be very soon...

today's soundtrack:
kicking the national habit : grand national
physical graffiti : led zeppelin
rhinestone cowboy - the best of : glen campbell