Wednesday, November 03, 2004

happiness factor

an astounding 20 dog day. found this link over at nisi's, which led me here. bus trip home with kt - i'll miss him when he leaves next week. organised my first visit to the dog's home - i'm going for the orientation next saturday. cooked yummy chicken/vege stir fry with chili jam for dinner. one and a half weeks and i've got a week off work. my friend rc called tonight, he is back from his 4 month jaunt around the world - we're going to catch up soon.

compared to the recent blahs, i guess i have to say that i'm relatively happy.

todays soundtrack:
the runaway found : the veils (it came into my head while i was in the shower. i had to listen to it. love it.)

it might be a nano nono tonight. i'm too tired and the subject matter is stirring things up.