Friday, November 19, 2004

i'm still here...

i've been fiddling about, getting my images copied to my new isp's server so that all my little buttons and whatnots will appear on my wee bloggy... i've learnt how to use an ftp program so my life has been enriched! i'm now trying to go back through all of my posts that have images and update the link to the new server... bugger...

yesterday ended up being 36°C so i had very lazy day. i did venture out late in the afternoon to have a haircut and get some supplies for when miss e came over for dinner. was going to cook risotto but it was too hot so we had hommous & crackers and some yummy lemon & garlic olives and then had a pizza delivered, all washed down with some cider and wine.

today i coloured my hair to hide the neverending onslaught of silver - it is now a lovely mahogany colour with glints of bright red where the silver refuses to be conquered. i shouldn't complain about the silver - at least i don't have wrinkles (yet...) i spent the rest of the day in the city with my friend, rc, and his friend ray. it was a lot of fun. we had some lunch and then the boys did some shopping - i swear they were worse than any girl i know when i came to deciding what to buy.

on monday morning, i'm having a glucose tolerance test. to prepare for this i have to spend three days eating lots of carbohydrates - check out the link for what is required. today was the first day and i feel like i have eaten two small horses... i know i have a healthy appetite but this is ridiculous! although i did like having an excuse to buy some biscuits - i try not to buy them because living alone, i'm the only one who eats them... the ones i bought are crispy dutch spice biscuits and they are very yummy. i'm going to try this recipe and see if they turn out the same...

my holiday is now officially over. it has gone soooo fast but at least i've had a very relaxing week.
things i did in my week off:
slept lots
read two books (watermelon and lucy sullivan is getting married by marian keyes. i can highly recommend them
caught up with good friends
slept some more
had my hair cut and coloured (this was the only item that was on my to-do list that actually got done...)