Wednesday, November 24, 2004

i might be a butcher's daughter...

not a bad day at work. our team leader has been having individual catch-up meetings with us. they finally appear to understand the pressure we are under and are allowing us some time to get our employer groups sorted out (basically, we each have anywhere between 20 and 35 employers for whom we are the sole point of contact for any matters relating to the administration of their accounts.) they've eased off on the call centre backup work too - our team leader checks with the call centre manager before we are due to log on and if they are meeting their standards of service, we don't have to do it - yeah!!

had lunch with the lovely cg. we had a good gossip about life, the universe and everything - the main result of that conversation was that we are both living by the rule that there are only two things in life that we really have to do:

breathe in, breathe out

went to see the doctor for the blood test results. my fasting insulin is ok but she does not have the glucose tolerance results yet - bugger!! i'm also anaemic but that is nothing new. i'm usually borderline but i've slipped back to the wrong side of that border. i might have a steak this week.

now, i'll answer the questions that have been asked in the previous post...

mal quacked thus:
i) What makes you feel the most happy?
you might find this hard to believe but it is recognising that i am actually feeling happy...
ii) If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?
if i could go back and do it all again, there are several places where i would have taken a different path. having said that, i would not really want to change anything because then i would not be the person that i am right now...
iii) How often do you clean underneath your bed?
um, not very often. there are about 6 or 7 boxes of books under there so there is not much room for anything else to accumulate!

nisi questioned here:
1. where would you like to live other than sydney?
somewhere with fresh air and the ocean nearby or somewhere vibrant & exciting like london or paris.
2. What breed of dog is your favourite?
ooooohhh!! too hard - it varies from day to day. my alltime favourites are labradors, dalmations and pugs. (and shnauzers, gordon setters, jack russells...)
3. Should I go see Bridget at the cinema or wait for the dvd?
i think you should see it at the cinema. if i had unlimited free time and spare cash, i'd always prefer to see a movie at the cinema. i don't have the patience to wait for dvd's to come out - i only ever hire them when they are in the weekly session. i have a bad history of paying fines for the late return of one night hire new release movies.

shirl looked at it from the other side:
1. Your best subject in school.
a close race between english and maths. at least i still have a grasp on the english language. while i'm fascinated by mathematical things, i'm hopeless with numbers.
2. Your favorite vacation place where you go to get restored.
somewhere with fresh air and the ocean nearby or somewhere vibrant & exciting like london or paris.
3. Your sexiest piece of lingerie
tee hee - this - my only real piece of lingerie. i had to remove it photograph it...