Tuesday, November 30, 2004

you must see this film!!!

tonight miss e and i went to see 'garden state'. it has gone straight to number one in my all time ever top five favourite films. GO SEE IT!! i want zach braff for christmas. natalie portman is soooo gorgeous. it is just a fabulous film - it has laughs, love, sadness, forgiveness, friendship and best of all, moments of original thought - something that is sooooo missing from most things these days. GO SEE IT!! i'll be seeing it again.

it was forecast that today's temperature would get up to 42°C - ugh... it would have been the hottest november day in sydney, ever, if it had got that high... so glad that it only made it to 34.7°C in the city but in the outer suburbs it did get up over 40° - please send some snow!!!

my tom bihn bag arrived today - i just have to be patient until saturday, when i can go to the post office to pick it up. even better, my mother has chipped in with some money towards the cost, so it will be my first christmas present! yeah!

what a top day!