Sunday, November 21, 2004

australian idle

my saturday was another of those days. i slept, ate some carbohydrates, surfed the net, slept some more, ate some more carbs, started and finished reading 'bridget jones: the edge of reason', choked down a few more carbs and then slept some more. i am australian idle...

as usual, sunday was more get up and go... up early (8am - v.early for this slugabed!) to meet miss e at 9.10am to go into the city to see the 10am session of 'napoleon dynamite' - a very strange film, nowhere near as good as the reviews had led us to believe. it raised a few chuckles here and there but was ultmately a bit dull. at least is was another freebie...

after the movie we walked down to circular quay where we met up with miss e's cousin's girlfriend. we wandered around the rocks market - not as crowded as usual but it still had the occasional gridlock moment... i was very good and did not buy anything but a chocolate dipped strawberry with almonds - yummo!! afterwards we walked down to the opera house to check out the preparations for the 2004 australian idol final tonight. a gazillion people were already camped out waiting for the gates to open and another gazillion japanese tourists were looking v.disappointed that they could not get very close to opera house for the obligatory 3000 photos.

came home, had a nap, ate a bucketload of carbs (i am so glad this is over - i think i'll be on 24 hour salad duty for the next two weeks!), started reading 'bridget jones's diary', had a nap, talked to my mother and then settled on the couch to watch the australian idol final. congratulations to casey donovan for winning - i wanted her to win but seriously thought that anthony would get the votes.

have been 'fasting' since 9pm as i'm off to the the bloodletter tomorrow morning to have the glucose tolerance test. they will take blood when i get there, give me glucose solution to drink & then take 2 more lots of blood at hourly intervals. even if i'm first in the door at 8.30am, i doubt that i will be out of there before 11am which means i will probably get to work by about lunchtime - just in time to have some breakfast! getting in late is such a nice way to ease my way back into the working week!!