Monday, November 15, 2004

eek!!! bugger!!! damn!!!

if i should disappear from blogland at the end of this week, don't be alarmed. i discovered today that the direct debit for my telephone line/internet access has not been activated so i'm five months behind!! eek!! i have to find a bucket of money between now and thursday or they're going to cut me off... i really should pay more attention to my bank account. i could kick my own behind for not being more observant... wish me luck that a wad of cash will fall down from the sky. i'm going to call them tomorrow and try to sort this out. the letter claims that they have tried unsuccessfully to call me but they have never left any messages on my messagebank to say they called so i'm inclined to believe they haven't tried at all. bloody hell, i am such an eejit...

apart from that, i was very lazy today. if i'm not careful the week will disappear and i will have done nothing. i did get through 2 crosswords, had come quality timchat and went to 7/11 to get the paper.

monday madness!
otto says 'This week we'll choose one or the other of the following....'
1. bar soap and shower gel
2. cd's or cassettes
3. television movies and documentaries
4. wall calendar at home and desk calendar at work
5. dsl, cable, or dial-up
6. summer or winter
7. city for now and country eventually
8. camping or stay in a hotel but i will try camping one day...
9. gold and silver
10. fiction and non-fiction books
11. mashed potatoes or baked potatoes but even that is rare - not a big fan of taters...
12. ranch, italian, or catalina dressing - ranch is disgusting and i've never heard of the other...
13. solid or spray deodorant - roll on

let's go bowling!
102,121,140 - over average for the three games but again, we only managed 2 points and are still in 4th position. at least we were on top for part of the season. there is little chance we'll get back into the top three unless the other teams bowl like crap for a few weeks. we can dream.

today's soundtrack:
abc 702