Wednesday, November 10, 2004

catch up

a combination of blahs, extreme tiredness and a double migraine weekend have left me lying low. here is a brief rundown.

last friday, i went with harryo to visit our friend, mr, who has just returned from a short trip to the uk. lots of great photos to look at, delicious pizza, home made espresso coffee and some of my yummy fudge.

saturday was mostly spent horizontal, in the dark, fighting off a migraine.

my friend from work, kt, and his partner m, visited on sunday night. we were going to watch 'pirates of the caribbean' on dvd but ended up watching 'rabbit proof fence' on the tv instead. great film. it was kt's last day at work today. he will be missed by everybody. i had the pleasure of organising his farewell gift so i got to go out for half an hour and do a spot of shopping. i've given up on my job search for now. it requires more energy than i can give it at the moment.

monday was a repeat of saturday.

monday night bowling was better than it has been in a long time - 128, 116, 121 but we only managed two points.

nano is a bit of a nono at the moment - i will endeavour to catch up but wont make it a promise :)

off to see 'bridget jones: the edge of reason' tomorrow night, courtesy of our social club - another freebie but i'd happily pay full price to see this one.

back soon!

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