Sunday, November 28, 2004

hot to trot

38°C in beautiful downtown sydney today - too bloody hot!! i wish it would snow...

i stayed awake until 4.38am this morning, finishing the book i was reading. i still managed to get up early (8.15am) and get the washing done before the real heat kicked in. spent most of the morning talking to colorado tim and blogcruising.

  1. Limited time only:: while stocks last
  2. Voluptuous:: buxom
  3. Nutritionist:: dietician
  4. Belt:: orion's...
  5. Star crossed:: lovers
  6. Snakeskin:: boots
  7. Athlete’s foot:: icky
  8. Boom:: boom!
  9. Freezer:: ice
  10. Store hours:: daylight saving

today's soundtrack:
kicking the national habit : grand national