Tuesday, May 10, 2005


an early morning post - i am the queen of wasting time when i should be getting ready for work!!

borrowed from marie

10 years ago:
i was 33
i was in love
i had a lot of friends
i was happy
life was good

5 years ago:
i was 38
i was no longer happy
my life fell apart
i was consumed with hate and anger
i cried a lot

3 years ago:
i was 40
i was a mess
i had just left the worst job in the world
i was in a deep depression
i had hit rock bottom

1 year ago:
i was 42
life was finally getting better
i was braver
the hate and anger were back to normal levels
i was happier

i am 43
i still have my ups and downs
i have lost old friends but gained new ones
some of them are the same people
life goes on