Friday, May 13, 2005


my weekend is going to be pretty drab - don't want to let the lurgy get too much of a grip, so i'm planning a quiet one. my planned visit to the ancestral home wont happen as both of my parents have something similar to what i have. best for all of us that i stay at home.

i will probably venture as far as newtown to pick up my club dendy prize - a dvd copy of napoleon dynamite. i enter their competitions with the idea that i will never win. now that i have won something, i've ended up with something i really don't want - i did not particularly like this film. i will watch it again and see if i can find something to like. if not, i'm sure i can find someone who will appreciate it...

spent the afternoon engaged in with gjc and jon. that is my idea of resting

to help me through the weekend i made a trip to video ezy and hired:

the life of david gale
american history x
the boondock saints
getting square

and i purchased ex-rental copies of igby goes down and last orders.

a single day which is 10% of the RDDHA