Monday, May 30, 2005


another one of those endlessly mundane mondays. nothing exciting happened but my mood has lifted and i'm not feeling so blah and negative as i have been lately. let's hope it lasts...

monday madness! otto says 'This week I'm asking you to choose a letter of the alphabet. Now list the ten items below that begin with the letter you chose....'

um... my letter is... g!

1. a family member grandmother
2. a movie garden state
3. a game golf
4. an automobile goggomobil
5. a fictional character grinch
6. a famous person greta garbo
7. a food gulab jamun
8. a household item garbage bin
9. a book great expectations
10. a song guess i'm dumb

a single digit 1 day which is 10% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
turn on the bright lights : interpol
abc 702