Monday, May 23, 2005

bugger the rest of you, today it's all about meme

no more bullshit! the next person to piss me off will probably get a big surprise... i'm as mad as hell and i'm not going to take it anymore!!

lets just forget about yesterday's little dummy spit and move on...

monday madness!
otto says 'Thanks for playing, everyone! I hope you enjoy your upcoming week! =)'

The following all begin with 'In your lifetime, have you....'

1. ...ridden on a rollercoaster? yes, several times and hated every moment of every ride...
2. ...performed (in any area of the arts) onstage? yes, if you count being a 'dolly from the follies' in a 2nd grade production of 'the wedding of the painted doll'...
3. ...planted a garden? yes, vegetables, herbs and flowers
4. ...ever had to reformat your hard drive due to a virus/spyware? no, not yet and hopefully, i will never have to...
5. ...written a book? A poem? A song? yes, the odd haiku
6. ...sang karaoke? not yet, never been drunk enough to unleash my lack of singing talent on an unsuspecting public :)
7. ...been interviewed by a local tv station/newspaper? yes, the local paper visited when i organised a fund raising morning tea at the office for cancer research back in 1995. omg, was that really 10 years ago!!
8. ...witnessed a tornado/earthquake/hurricane first-hand? um, depends... when the newcastle earthquake happened in 1989, the building i worked in here in sydney shifted on it's foundations and moved about 2-3 inches in one direction and then back again. in reality, i would say i have not witnessed it first hand but we sure did feel it.
9. ...participated in a photo scavenger hunt? no, but only because i have no idea what to do...
10. ...traveled to another country? yes, indeedy...

better late than never, here are some unconscious mutterings
  1. Heimlich:: manoeuvre
  2. Gesture:: symbolic
  3. Party:: animal
  4. Cuddle::
  5. Room with a view:: opera
  6. Sebastian:: hardie
  7. Ooooh:: yeah!
  8. Sigh:: of relief
  9. Two fish, three fish:: dinner
  10. Cake or death:: cake, please
a 0 day which is 0% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
diva : annie lennox
antics : interpol
turn on the bright lights : interpol
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