Monday, May 02, 2005


guess what i did today? went work, came home, got on the net... i did get off the net for a while to have some dinner and clean up my kitchen, just for something different...

monday madness!
otto says 'This week's questions come from one of our fellow Monday Madness participants, Elena. Thanks so much for the questions, Elena! =)'

1. How do you find out which performances are in town and at which venue? miss e scours the local street press, word of mouth, subscribing to venue email lists
2. How do you buy your tickets (i.e. online, box office, eBay)? mostly online or by telephone
3. Do you have copies of seating charts you refer to or just accept what's offered? most online sites have the seating charts available. will usually take what is offered but most shows we see do not have booked seating.
4. Which is most important: seating location or hearing the music live? hearing the music but it is nice to be able to see the people playing the music.
5. Which venue, if any, do you absolutely refuse to see a performance at? there are no venues on my shitlist (yet...)
6. Do you dine at the venue or eat prior to the performance and why? usually eat at home prior to the show - don't often go to shows where dinner is an option.
7. Do you attend performances with certain folks only? because we are obsessed, it is mostly just miss e and me. anyone else who wants to come along is always welcome.
8. Which items are standard accessories/must haves for any performance? for me?? comfortable shoes, a smile, a love of live music.
9. Do you buy merchandise/souvenirs? no
10. What's the most you ever spent for a ticket (one ticket) and which performance? Was it worth it and why? REM, about AU$70+, in 1995. they were late, they were bored, they were crap.
11. How far will you drive for that performance you just can't miss? i don't drive, i get the bus. if necessary i would go as far as i need to by whatever means possible.

a 2 day which is 20% of the RDDHA

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