Friday, May 20, 2005

a bit of a panic...

...a guy from the metro theatre called and left a message on my mobile phone about an 'admin problem' with my bloc party ticket purchase... eek!!! i prepared for the worst possible scenario - we no longer had tickets... as it turned out, instead of two tickets, i had four - the first 'failed' purchase attempt did actually get through. *sigh* heart attack averted... after sorting out that little mess, miss e and i got online this morning and made sure we got our doves tickets.

the line up for our live listening pleasure in the immediate future:
may 27 : the panics : the vanguard
july 19 : doves : metro theatre
july 21 : bloc party : metro theatre
july 29 : interpol : enmore theatre

i don't know which one i'm looking forward to more!!!

an altogether good day:
bloc party ticket crisis sorted
doves tickets obtained
very productive workday without having to justify my workflow management existence
a poets day early mark to make sure i got to the post office in time to...
collect a mystey parcel containing books and a cd - thanks nisi!!!
a million visitors via bacon & ehs - thanks kim!!
left my wallet and id card at work (doh!!) but miss e bought them home for me

did i hear the word 'happy'???

a 7 day which is 70% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
turn on the bright lights : interpol
silent alarm : bloc party
bits and pieces of new order & snow patrol
abc 702