Monday, May 16, 2005

more music :)

back to the grind today. spent the entire day sorting out one of my major account groups. due to a combination of the client not providing the information in the way we require it and my fellow team members not bothering to do their jobs properly, it has got into a bit of a mess. i sorted out most of it and now the hard part is done.

the good news? miss e managed to get our interpol tickets this morning and my interpol and british sea power cds turned up in the mail today - yeah!!

monday madness! otto says 'I want to thank everyone who played last week (and all the previous weeks as well). I hope to see more participants this week and in the weeks to come.... I'm getting discouraged. =) I would like to challenge you all to invite one friend to join us this week and see if we can increase our participation. Thank you!'

Here's the deal; each of the following questions begin with:

How much do you think is the most you would pay for...

1....a loaf of bread? um, i don't even know how much i pay for a loaf of bread. i just buy it. i have bought $1 loaves and $6 loaves - it depends upon how good the bread is and how badly i want it...
2....a gallon of gas? i don't buy gas/petrol as i don't have a car.
3....a pair of jeans? i have paid $50 and i have paid $14 for jeans. if i like them and they fit, i'll buy them.
4....a computer? again, there is no real upper limit - i will only pay what i think is fair. i paid $585 for my current machine. it was 'built' so is not a 'branded' machine. i think i got my money's worth.
5....a camera? eek, i'm so difficult. i paid $600 duty free for my canon elph aps film camera and only $199 for my dinky little digital. i'm happy with both.
6....a pair of shoes? the price of a pair of shoes is never an issue, if i like them and they are available in my size and colour preference, i will buy them. i love shoes.
7....a television? um, i have never bought a television, i have only inherited them from family members and ex-boyfriends... wait until this one packs it in and then it will be determined by who has one to spare and how much i can afford...
8....a recliner chair? i have never owned a recliner chair. the one i want costs about $1300 but i would never pay that...
9....a month of 'lightning speed' internet service? i have no idea. i doubt i'd pay more than what i'm currently paying for my semi fast tortoise speed dial up...
10....a cell phone? nothing... i've never paid for one yet. i always get them on 2 year contracts, so the actual hardware is technically 'free'...

i'm nominating everyone who visits to participate in monday madness, if you are not doing so already.

a 5 day which is 50% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
silent alarm : bloc party
waiting for the siren's call : new order
open season : british sea power
turn on the bright lights : interpol
abc 702