Tuesday, May 03, 2005

one of the joys of living in an art deco building...

...is high ceilings! the joy ends when the light globe in the bathroom decides to make that little 'plink' noise that tells you that it's life is over... especially when you are only 5'5" tall and even standing tippy toes on a kitchen chair, you miss the ceiling by several inches. i bought a cheapy $10 lamp from go-lo and an alleged 'long-life' power saver globe - ha! the globe lasted about 1 hour and said 'plink'... being too lazy to go all the way to the supermarket, i dropped in at the asian grocery store just near my place and picked up some $0.63c globes (still going strong after 2 hours!!) and some jasmine tea... mmm... jasmine tea.

an absolute zero day which is absolutely 0% of the RDDHA. i think people are getting lazy now that the weather is getting colder...

music to my ears
silent alarm : bloc party
abc 702