Thursday, October 30, 2003


...this year is disappearing way too fast - i'm sure it was still april only yesterday...

again, not a very exciting day. flexed the debit card and bought 2 cds for $35 from fish records - goodbye yellow brick road and elton john greatest hits 1970-2002.

got bus home with miss e and had a good giggle. i love people who can make me laugh out loud in public places and make a goose of myself.

organised a trip to harold park tomorrow night with mrs jane & adam. should be fun.

changed my voicemail message because i'm sick to death of people calling my number and not leaving a damned message. if you don't want to leave a message, don't bother calling. *10# and messagebank mostly tell me who has called but i don't recognise the numbers. the number of unknown callers in the last 2 weeks is weird.

finally spoke to my mother after 6 weeks of no contact. i think i know where i get my stubborn streak from.

today's cds:
duran duran greatest hits
elton john greatest hits 1970-2002

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