Tuesday, October 21, 2003

boundaries, not barriers

my life is changing in many ways and i now realise that this is a good thing.

today was fairly ordinary. nothing terribly exciting to report.

had an email from a dear friend and ex-workmate who also sent a picture of his three year old daughter - she is so absolutely beautiful but beauty is in her gene pool.

miss em sent a picture of her brand new little boy, blake - he is totally gorgeous as well. lucky me, i am surrounded by all these fabulous children to love and cherish.

still listening to diorama today.

watching: the deltas. oops, sorry, the arias. what a pile of crap. sympathy in small doses is fine, i think this is going a bit far. (understand that this is my opinion and if you read this comment and don't like it, TOUGH!)

today's word is metamorphosis and the number is correct to only 5 decimal places...