Friday, October 17, 2003

friday farewell

a sad day today. one of the girls at work left today to move south of the border. she has a job in the melbourne office so she is still with us. had farewell drinks at the metropolitan which was much good fun. lots of photos and lots of laughs.

looking forward to seeing baby g and her mum tomorrow. we're going to have a walk around centennial park and just hang out for a few hours - it's been too long since one of her beautiful baby smiles has brought tears to my eyes - at least 6 weeks - she has probably doubled in size - i can't believe she is now 5 months old.

still no word of miss em's baby - he's only 4 days overdue - hurry up baby - i can't wait to meet you at last!

today's word is tired and the number is not relevant.

tried to play fumbling cd today but it kept going weird - hopefully it's only a bit of grime on the disc - was raining on way to work so did not open the cd player to check. heard enough to be happy.

an early night is in order so i couldnae be bothered linking.

i get to sleep in tomorrow - i love saturday mornings.