Friday, October 24, 2003

freaky friday

not in any mood to tell much about today. feel the need to be cryptic.

the work day kinda balanced out with approximately half of my customers yelling and bleating like idiots and the other half telling me i was a star.

coming down with a cold or something. sinuses are stuffed, throat sore, ears itchy... chomping on blackmores echinacea/citrus lozenges and popping codral cold tablets.

3 strongbows and 2 large glasses of mandarin napoleon have taken their toll...

finally caught up with suzik tonight and got that special hug that i've missed for soooo long.

spent time with my lucky charm who is a total treasure.

weird non-letter from my mother.

having an early night to try and sort this blue funk out.

good night.

let's hope tomorrow is another day.