Monday, October 20, 2003

mindless monday

i think my braincell has bought into a timeshare option, forgot to tell me and has spent today in someone elses head... i have been very vague today. went to work without my watch, my rings, my charm bracelet... forgot to drink my morning cup of tea... any wonder i was not functioning - can't survive without the morning cuppa...

had an interesting phone conversation today. i have to stop being so bloody silly and getting things all wrong... the telephone call restored a bit of faith in myself.

bowling tonight was a disaster - we lost all ten points and fell from 3rd to possibly 5th position in the league - bowled 107, 132, 112 - with an average of 118, that's crap! my excuse? well, i haven't bowled for four weeks... sad, but it's the best i can do...

today's cd: diorama - silverchair - could become a new obsession - i don't play it often enough.

today's word is luke and the number is six.

good night.