Sunday, October 26, 2003

i don't need daylight saving...

...i've still got some left over from last year.

woke up at 04:00 and realised it was actually 05:00 due to the start of daylight saving. i reset the clock (gotta love the old sony cube - one button to press and it puts it forward for you!) but at 05:15 i'm still awake and it felt like an hour had passed, so i got up and did some of that good old aimless web browsing. had a nap on the couch from 07:30 till about 10:30 when kl called. long time since we've caught up, so we gossiped for about an hour.

most of the spring cleaning is finished. the bathroom still needs to be done but i've done enough for one day. it's taking longer than i thought but it looks bloody fabulous. even the budgie is impressed. have to admit that the junk room is still that and now in a worse state. at least the main part is done, i can attack the junk slowly.

still have to do the washing, but with the extra sunshine, that wont be a problem.

today's cds: (craving old stuff again. tried to play hunters and collectors but could not get into it)
captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy - elton john
the elton john collection - elton john
merry christmas mr lawrence - soundtrack (ryuichi sakamoto)
listen without prejudice (vol 1) - george michael

might get back on later and write some more, but then again, i might not.