Saturday, October 25, 2003

spring clean saturday

despite the snotty nose and sore throat, today was the day that i started the spring cleaning. i know i said i was going to do it ages ago, but i didn't. i have made a good start today. the antique dust collection is gone... the cd collection has been sorted into those that i listen to (in the cd cabinet on my desk) and those that i don't (hidden on the bottom shelf of the bookcase.) the kitchen is 90% done - just need to mop the floor and give the stove a good clean. that will be done tomorrow along with the bathroom... i feel much happier having made some progress. i might even be able to allow my friends to visit me... miss e did pop in briefly to inspect my hard work and was suitably impressed - she even brought me a little gift... thank you!

today's cd playlist took me back to my teenage years - i'm a seventies girl at heart...
remastered - the very best of steely dan - then and now
in search of the lost chord - the moody blues
crisis? what crisis? - supertramp
can't buy a thrill - steely dan
chicago's greatist hits
california dreaming - the mamas and the papas - so divine i'm playing it again right now...
echoes - the best of pink floyd (disc two)
greatest hits - fleetwood mac
and just to give it a bit of nineties flavour
laid - james