Wednesday, October 15, 2003

two little ducks

woo hoo - a nine dog trip to work this morning. by writing that, i guess i have to tell you why a nine dog trip is a good thing... i love dogs to the point of obsession and want one (or many) quite desperately, but living in a small apartment with little yard space, it is impossible to have one. the more dogs i see on any given day, the happier i am. a ten dog day is a v.good day. a nine dog bus trip is an excellent bus trip. although i think the universe was preparing me for the big dark rain cloud that made the sky so dark that it obscured any dog sightings on the trip home. luckily my bus trip goes via centennial and moore parks - always doggy heaven with lots of lucky dogs out and about playing and jumping with their friends...

the universe also put her two cents worth in earlier today and gave me two links to an old school friend (she came into my mind at some stage of the day and then later on i checked a customer account and the address was the same street as hers...) this is the girl that i have known longest in my life, apart from my family - we became friends in first grade. although we probably only talk once or twice a year, when we do it's like we have never been apart. i took the hint and made sure i called her on my afternoon break. we had a quick chat and have planned to catch up very soon. thanks universe.

went to bingo with mrs jane again tonight. we managed to win a meat tray in the meat raffle. tomorrow they have a monster raffle - what, no monsters???? i wanna win a monster!!!

today's cd was karma - delirium - just another excuse to listen to sarah mclachlan singing 'silence'.

too tired for words and numbers. going to have an early night.

p.s. the bruise is still a major pain in the shin but appears to have stopped growing. i refuse to let it take over my blog. it's big enough and ugly enough to make it's own blog...