Monday, October 27, 2003

manic monday

bloody hell, some people are stupid. if you know there is a deadline for a payment to be made, do you faff about and do nothing until the day before it is due and then try to get special treatment to make sure your payment is received in time? it would appear that that's what most of the country does... non stop calls today - 2 people off sick, 20+ calls constantly in the hold queue - call centre hell. welcome to my world. oh well, tomorrow will probably be worse and there's not much we can do to help you if you try it on tomorrow... good luck.

bowled relatively well tonight - 121, 127, 134 - all over average. we managed 8 points and have sidled back into 3rd place!

no cds today - my ears are still sore and my sinuses have gone stupid. didn't have the energy to play anything.

no word, no number, no links, no can do.

good night.