Saturday, October 18, 2003

baby baby

miss em had her baby boy @ 3.26 this morning. welcome little one.

spent the day with baby g and her mum, who is my 2nd oldest friend - we worked together in our first job out of school. lunch in newtown at the dendy cafe (starspot alert: alex lloyd wandering down king st past the cafe while we were there) then went to the bonds sale at sydenham. baby g has grown sooooo much and she is soooooo gorgeous. big blue eyes and dark hair. everyone stopped to talk to her and comment on her beauty. as predicted, her stunning smile brought me to tears. she is so precious and i feel blessed for having been able to spend the day with her.

damn my old maternal clock, ticking away like mad...

dinner at miss e's - yum. watched eddie izzard 'glorious' that i taped for her ages ago.

i have spent the day with people who are good for my soul and again, i am blessed.