Friday, October 31, 2003

10/30 friday

after another non event day at work, the night out to harold park was excellent.

crazy bus driver shot off up george street like a maniac. had arranged to meet adam on the bus assuming it would stop at railway square, but because another 433 managed to overtake us just before central, she sailed straight past... then turning out of glebe point road she managed to collide with a car that tried to turn in front of us... despite having the discman volume up loud enough to drown out the world, i could hear their argument...

the last friday of the month is 10/30 night at harold park - you pay $10 to get in and they give you $30 worth of vouchers to spend on food/booze. a cheap night if you don't gamble too much. we had a decent enough meal in the bistro and a couple of beers/ciders and ended the night with hot dogs & ice cream.

i had a few small wins but ended up $18 down 8-( adam came out even after picking two trifectas that returned $50 in total and mrs jane was $4 up at the end of the night. it was blowing a gale and quite cold but great fun.

tired and going to have an early night. miss e is coming over for dinner tomorrow night so need to finish the spring cleaning and want an early start.

today's cd: greatest hits - duran duran - really need to get more variety in my ears...

today's word is haver and the number is 43