Sunday, October 19, 2003

sunday cinema

went to see a freeby preview screening of 'intolerable cruelty' with miss e today. indelibly stamped with the coen brothers touch. a bit silly at times, but eminently enjoyable george clooney is soooo gorgeous...

they played a preview of the final lord of the rings movie. i got all teary at the thought of it - lots of shots of legolas and aragorn... even though i've read the books about 10 times and know what's going to happen, i just don't want to wait another two months to see it!!! peter jackson has done such a fan-fu*king-tastically fabulous job of translating the written words onto the screen. i wish mr tolkien had written more books then there'd be more movies to look forward to...

had a good conversation with tim today - another person who is good for my soul. sorry for the blethering...

today's cd list;
greatest hits - duran duran
ray of light - madonna
watching angels mend - alex lloyd

MUST get off the net NOW and go cook some dinner - chicken, nut (that's me) and broccolini stir fry - page 71 November 2003 issue