Wednesday, January 28, 2004

17 dog day...

yeah!! thanks to the universe for providing a 10 dog trip to work and another 7 on the way home. on that note, i have to link to this!

mildly happier today. an early night probably helped. that elusive 7 hours of sleep was easy to find last night.

miss e came over tonight so that we could celebrate wednesday with the leftover cider and champagne from new years eve. we took the health kick one step further and had kfc for dinner... i know i sound like a broken record, but that girl is a total treasure and everyone should have a friend like her.

p.s. if you the person from the domain who has spent at least 3 hours in the last few days perusing my wee bloggy, please take a moment to leave a comment. i don't bite...

while i'm at it, here are the Wednesday Whatevers

1. Have you ever wondered if it's all really worth it?
yes, on a daily basis and on a bad day, hourly... today, mmm... definitely
2. Do "inspiring" quotes really inspire you, or just annoy you?
some of the cheesier ones make me want to chuck up, but there are a few that can inspire. (couldn't name one right now...)
3. Why do you go to school?
um, i don't... i left school on september 12, 1977. bloody heck, i'm old... most people weren't even born then...

with apologies to tuesday, here's the latest in
chick chat   Jammin' !
1. All time favorite song?:
too hard!! it changes on a daily basis... all time top 5? west end girls/pet shop boys, baker street/gerry rafferty, i'm not in love/10cc, head over heels/tears for fears, eloise/barry ryan (hands up any one who remembers that one, even the cover version by the damned...) even that top 5 could change tomorrow if i remember another song... (30 seconds later, a whole bunch of other songs have come to mind... too tired to list them but think aussie 70's stuff...)
2. What was your wedding song?:
um, never married... probably wont... if i do, it will probably be something totally inappropriate...
3. What's your favorite band?:
would have to say new order, but there are sooooo many others...
4. Name a song that rocks your world when your angry?:
me, angry? ha ha ha... anything loud and raucous that i can howl along to...
5. Rocker you admire the most?
probably david bowie, so much talent, so gorgeous and still going strong.