Sunday, January 25, 2004

sleepier sunday...

so much for having a life and watching a dvd last night... ET was on the tv so i decided to watch that instead. i was snoring my head off on the couch before it even started and woke up 3hrs later with a fuzzy head. went to bed and managed to sleep without tossing and turning first. woke up at 6.30am and couldn't get back to sleep so dragged myself from my nest. probably a good idea as my mother came to visit today, to help me unpack all the kitchen cupboards - the pest control man is coming next friday to carry out wholesale slaughter on the 15 trillion cockroaches that have made their homes in my cupboards and drawers... the summer heat has caused a population explosion and it has gone beyond bearable. i know it's not good for my karma to sanction the deaths of these creatures, but i've had enough. if i described to you how bad the problem is, you would probably be sick, so i will keep it to myself 8( basically, my kitchen things, the stuff from my desk drawers and the stuff from the cupboard in the bathroom are all now in sealed plastic bags in the living room. once the massacre is complete, i will have the task of washing everything and putting it all back in a clean, roach free environment. i wont miss the little buggers at all 8)

the lovely miss e came over to lend a hand and say hello to my mum. that girl is a treasure - she bought me a lovely coffee on her way over.

going out for birthday drinks at the labour club with the now ancient at 43 years of age harryo this afternoon - he has a birthday voucher for a free meal and there is a prize draw for member's with birthdays in january. mjr may come along too.

i have an blog interview to work on and will post the answers here sometime soon. check out this to see what i'm talking about and have a read of this guy's site - funny stuff.