Wednesday, January 21, 2004


...than yesterday. still tired and a bit emotional but last night's outburst has shifted things.

and now it's time for... Wednesday Whatevers

1. How do you think criminals should be punished?
the punishment should fit the crime. i believe in capital punishment but there must be absolutely no doubt that the person is indeed the guilty party.
2. Do you prefer intellectual conversations, or lighter topics? Why?
it depends upon the company and the situation. some people only ever swim in the shallow end of the pool so intellectual will never be possible for them.
3. In what kind of atmosphere do you think best?
silent, settled, solo

the word of the week is phoenix - it keeps appearing this week so it must be posted. i think it has already had word of the day status, in the very early days of this blog... but i could be wrong - it has happened once or twice 8)