Saturday, January 31, 2004

cockroach free for one whole day but...

...i'm sure that whatever was used for the cockroach slaughter is poison. my handwashing compulsion has had a workout today. the disgusting smell is bad enough, but i'm worried that everything i touch will contaminate me, so have washed my hands at least 30 times today... it has also left me wheezy and coughing... if it is no better tomorrow, i will stay at miss e's place and wait for the fumes to subside.

speaking of my treasured friend, she took me under her wing tonight, invited me over for dinner and fed me bagel crisps with olive dip for starters then risotto and salad. i supplied some yummy 'connoissieur cookie cream commotion' ice cream for dessert and we watched the 'brassed off' dvd - it made us both cry, but at least it wasn't soppy and smoochy.

i forgot to mention last night that the wonderful adam gave me a copy of my favourite tears for fears cd - the seeds of love - my original was loaned to a friend and never seen again. now i have another one and can play it forever. thanks adam - your taste in music is impeccable, except for bloody delta... 8)