Sunday, April 04, 2004

big weekend

was just too tired to blog yesterday. a late night on friday - home about half midnight, talking online to london mlb and colorado tim until 2am. woken up early by a phone call from eg in nz. off to see doc about blood test results. all good - cholesterol mostly good (down from last time!), blood sugar is fine, iron is the usual borderline anaemic (but better than last time) and liver function normal - woo hoo!

caught bus into city to catch 11:30 ferry to manly. jet cats running instead due to some ferries being out of service so got there early. sat on the wharf doing a bit of people watching until jules picked me up. because parking was a nightmare, we went to warringah mall for lunch. it was soooo good to catch up with her. despite her career success, she is the same girl i used to share a house with 20 odd years ago. it was like we had seen each other just last week. we went to her house where i met her husband. we pored over some old photo albums which was a hoot and talked about all the people, places then, now and all the stuff in between. i managed to get a ferry back to the city. it is always very relaxing to watch the water and drift along with the movement of the ferry. i got home at 7pm and after a quick blog cruise had to have a nap. again, the cheeky eg called from nz and woke me up. we ended up talking for nearly 4 hours until 1am.

a repeat performance today - another late night followed by another early morning wake up call from eg - he wanted to make sure i got up in time, seeing as how he kept me up late last night - glad it's his phone bill but i kinda like the constant contact. picked up at 7am by baby g and her parents and went off to kings cross to have a belated birthday breakfast with mr h at uliveto's. the service was a bit shabby today, but the food and more importantly, the coffee, were very good.

enough for now. i'm off to do the washing then going for a walk down to coogee in the rain.

more later!