Thursday, April 29, 2004

um, thursday...

it's true. thursday is the arse end of the week.

thursday thankfuls...
11 dogs
spent most of day off the phone doing statistics - finally up to date for the first time this year!
bus home with miss e (who i have not seen much of this week - her in newcastle on w/end and me on 8am starts this week)
vietnamese rice paper rolls for dinner - yum!
going to harold park for 30/10 night tomorrow with the kids from work. should be a lot of fun.
lotsa kimchat this week
a long overdue phone call to a badly neglected friend who still loves me

what are you thankful for today/this week/this year/this life?

soundtrack of the last 24 hrs:
the definitive anthology (both discs) : richard clapton
greatest hits vol I : chicago
short note : matt finish