Wednesday, April 28, 2004

happy hump day

my last late shift ever!! i don't know for sure when i will start my new job, but it will be before the next roster finishes and there are no lates listed there! yippee!!!

getting in early for the me me memes...

Wednesday Whatevers
1. Who is your biggest fan? um, i don't know... do i have fans??? my friends love me but i would not say they are fans...
2. Do you look in the toilet when you're done? um, sometimes... especially when i drop something in there that should not be there...
3. In your group of friends, what is your role? clown, shoulder to cry on, wise old woman

Lulu’s Lines

TRIGGER::::: I waited...... and waited for happiness in my life, then i realised it was there and all i had to do was recognise it...

Baaaad Girls!

1. How Many Tattoos do you Have?: 1 (ladybird, right shoulder). 2nd one planned.
2. How Many Piercings?: 4 (ears only)
3. How Many Black Lacy Bras? (oooh, Mama Sita!): just one
4. How Many Times a Day do Cuss-Word's Fly Outta your Mouth?: i lose #*&@ing count
5. Are You Bad?: ooh, yeah!

more later!