Friday, April 09, 2004

happy bunny!

another good day. a nice long sleep in til 9.10am (apologies to my US visitors - here in oz we get a 4 day weekend for easter - no work til tuesday!!). the morning was spent on timchat and kimchat then did housework in the afternoon. the cds are all back in the rack and you can actually see the dining table again!! i have hung my happy bunny painting over the dining table so it will be the first thing i see when i enter the loungeroom each day.

went over the road for dinner with miss e & k8 - hommus with carrot sticks, chips and crackers followed by cheese on toast and finished off with ice cream from sugarplum - yum... we were going to have risotto for dinner but after polishing off a bottle of champagne and some mardarin napoleon it was decided that cooking was too much effort.

still have 3 days left to relax - i might even make a start on the spare (junk) room... it's nice to have a neat and tidy home on a friday night - more time to have fun on the weekend!

sending out lotsa luck and happiness to my friends and visitors. i've got plenty to share!


p.s. i've gone back to warbling along to my cd's - you can always tell when the mood is up...
today's playlist:
short note : matt finish - a great aussie album from the 80's. i bought it online last week and it arrived yesterday. have now played it 6 times and i still love it! had forgotten how great it is. it's such a shame that matt moffitt died last year.
son of evil reindeer : reindeer section - also played this over at miss e's again tonight.
substance (disc1) : new order - ah, the oldest and strongest musical obsession, played (and howled along to) very loud while i was in the shower. i hope the neighbours enjoyed it as much as i did...