Sunday, April 25, 2004

a little bit potty

made it home, sober, by 10pm last night. i was way too tired so did not feel like drinking too much and was having a hard time staying awake. i was asleep by 11pm and slept through until 8am. by 10am, i was having a wee nap on the couch until i was woken by a phone call from mr kim at 11.30.

during my nap, i had some really weird dreams. the one i was in when i woke up was very strange. i was at a 'monkees' concert with my sister and her husband. the band was crap. the sound was not loud enough for us to hear (we were seated with the angels at the point highest from the action). after the show i became lost from my sister & brother-in-law. i knew that to find them i would have to get a lift going in a downwards direction. there were two lifts but they both only appeared to be going up. when the ones that were going down did stop, they were chock-a-block full of people dressed like mother teresa. when i finally did get into a lift that was going down, it did not stop, it just kept plummeting down too fast and that's when the phone rang. i'm sure there is some sort of hidden meaning but i'll be buggered if i can work it out. any one out there who wants to have a go at interpreting it is welcome to leave a comment!

today is anzac day and being the land of the long weekend, tomorrow is a public holiday. victoria & tassie will not be having the holiday so i have volunteered to work. being paid double time & a half is the best temptation to give up a day off.

this afternoon after going to the supermarket, i went for a walk down to coogee and along the beach. i so wish that i had a digital camera. the sunset was the most beautiful i have ever seen. bands of pale blue & pale pink topped by a sky the colour of cream. the walk yielded a total of 19 dog sightings so i'm a happy girl.

i did not have my trusty pedometer with me to tell me how many steps i had taken. it is out of action after a slight 'water-logging' incident yesterday. without going into too much detail, let me just say that while adjusting my clothes after answering a call of nature, the pedometer became detached from it's position on my waistband and went for a little swim... if i can accurately guess what you are thinking now, i will say two words: DONT ASK!

anyway enough toilet talk, here are some

  1. Elastic:: band
  2. Intervention:: cult
  3. Risk:: assessment
  4. Junk food:: additives
  5. Arrogance:: wanker
  6. Responsibility:: all care but no responsibility taken
  7. X:: YZ
  8. Marshall:: holler for a...
  9. Kill:: er bees
  10. Brother:: big...