Sunday, April 18, 2004

sunday silliness

let's go bowling!

i bowled early this week as i have a week of late shifts - woo hoo!! a sleep in every day (except tuesday because i've swapped with ts for her wednesday late next week so that she can play in her darts comp...) anyway, back to bowling - it was pretty miserable - 115,122,111 - with an average of 119, i could have done better. shell bowled with me. i have not seen her since before easter as she has been on holidays. she had her tongue pierced while in byron bay for the east coast blues festival. she is a brave girl. her tongue is still swollen and her speech is a bit thick - it sounds like she has just been to the dentist.

i've borrowed this from bryn's celestial offerings. it is a variation of one of the recent 23 questions that appears a few posts down the page.

Musical Meme

1.) Go to your CD rack/shelf/room    done...
2.) Select the 13th CD from the end of your collection
sarah mclachlan : touch
[natalie merchant : tigerlily]
3.) What's the 5th track?
4.) List it on your blog, with a story of why you purchased this CD
i am obsessed with sarah mclachan. she is touring here in june or july and the tickets are way over my ability to afford. i can always use a positive mental attitude to conjure up the money for the ticket!! i have not played her for a while... guess what will be on today's soundtrack...
[because i loved carnival when i first heard it and had to have it]
5.) Link back to me - if you wish    done...

(i actually misread the question the first time and took out the [13th cd] from the beginning. i put that on here as well. another cd for the soundtrack...)

i found this over at the other side.

i want anyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. ask me anything you want. (use the comments box for you questions. i will answer them there also.) then i want you to go to your journal/blog, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything. i will answer all questions but only if you have put this up on your own site... if you get too personal, i reserve my right to tell you to bugger off...

today's soundtrack
the best of : new order (4 times)
touch : sarah mclachlan
a bunch of old songs from a bunch of compilation cds -
the real thing / sweet sweet love : russell morris
a little ray of sunshine : axiom
i'll be around / dear prudence : doug parkinson
winter in america : doug ashdown
the gypsy queen : country radio
baker street : gerry rafferty
angie baby : helen reddy
the air that i breathe : the hollies
man overboard : do re mi
eloise : barry ryan