Wednesday, April 21, 2004

late shift blues

i don't think i like a week of late shifts. it is very tiring and confusing. i keep saying 'good morning' when it is 3pm... oh well, mustn't grumble, i get to sleep in... if only i could go to bed earlier...

i went to the post office today as i had two parcels to pick up. one was my john william waterhouse calendars that i ordered from here - beautiful. the other was a box of goodies from my mother. a big bag of teabags (she gets them in bulk and keeps me supplied), a cdrom of 1000 crosswords from 'the times', a picture of my sister's 3 kids and a 'violet crumble' bag from the easter show! must be careful not to eat it all in one day!

despite the tiredness i've had a good day. timchat, kimchat, pretty new calendars to look at.

today's soundtrack:
galleon : richard pleasance
rhinestone cowboy - the best of : glen campbell