Thursday, April 22, 2004

thursday thing

i think thursday is the most boring day of the week. not quite the new weekend but too far from the last. i've checked some old thursday blogposts and they often have nothing to say! i must find a thursday thing so i can have something to post...

anyway, it was a decent enough day. i have nowt to complain about. timchat, kimchat, only 1 dog but i know there are plenty more out there, a very quiet night at work, a new cd to howl along to : franz ferdinand - a scottish band - check them out!

i have an interview tomorrow for the job i have applied for. i feel confident and i know the lady who will interview me. wish me luck.

today's soundtrack:
franz ferdinand : franz ferdinand
limestone cowboy - the best of : glen campbell (happy 68th birthday)
matt bianco : whose side are you on?
echoes - the best of : pink floyd - disc 2