Saturday, April 10, 2004

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a big day. awake at 6.20am with a mild attack of the killer gallstones that did not require medication, just a walk around the flat and lots more sleep. slept till 9.56am when i jumped out of bed in a panic as miss e & k8 were visiting at 10.30am... got ready in record time. we set off into town to do a spot of shopping before putting k8 on the train home. i managed to spend way more money than i should have. a pedometer to try to record my daily activity (and perhaps encourage myself to do more...), a bottle of gloria (with a bonus bottle of skin lotion and a free watch [very tacky with a bunch of cubic zirconia highlights] does anybody want it?? it's yours for the asking...) and some goodies from 'treats from home', a store that sells british snacky things for homesick poms and those who have a yen for all things british. miss e was like a kid in a candy store - i think we'll visit that store again and soon.

i have to ask, does anybody in the real world really buy designer label clothes. i had to leave the david jones store for fear that my negative reaction to the outrageousness of the items and prices of these 'designer' threads would make me physically ill and make me lose my breakfast. the crap they pass off as 'fashion' astounded me and the prices amazed me. a cardigan that looked like it had been hand knitted by your dear old nanna - $700, a simple lined black corduroy jacket - $750, a denim jacket with a few titzy bitzy decorative touches - $900, a jumper that looked like it had been made by your slightly dotty maiden aunt - $329 and worst of all, a vile 'vintage' tartan skirt & shirt ensemble that needed a good iron (but was meant to be scrunched) with unfinished edges and ragged bits all over - $675 for the two pieces. i'll shut up on this subject now but if you're wearing designer label clothes as you read this, please come back when you're wearing something more suitable.

anyway, back to the fun. managed some quality timchat and kimchat again today, saw 9 dogs and had sushi rolls for lunch so i'm still a happy girl.

good night.