Monday, April 26, 2004

monday moan

i've learnt a lesson today. if you volunteer for overtime on a public holiday, volunteer for a later start than 8.00am. i got to the bus stop at 7.00 on the dot thinking i had plenty of time. i had missed the 6.58 bus and the next city bus? 7.28 - doh! sunday timetable! i ended up getting a bus to the other end of town (nowhere near where i needed to be) and got the train down to wynyard. i had time to pick up a nice hot coffee and was logged in and ready to roar by my rostered start time!

there is another lesson that needs to be learnt by certain others but apparently it's not happening! it is 'that' time of year again - the end of the march quarter has been and gone & our employer customers must have their employees contributions into the fund by close of business on the 28th of this month or they face hefty fines from the taxman. they are responsible for making payments on time, yet they believe we should bend the rules for them, just because they are too lazy to do something about it until the last minute. two more days of this - it's going to be rough.

enough with the moaning, here is this week's monday madness!

otto says: "I'm running out of ideas (hint! hint!!) I hope you enjoy this week's question. Using the letters in the word 'blogger' describe your blog for us."

lower case
often silly
great way to meet new people
good exercise for my brain
entertaining (for me at least!)
really fun to create and maintain

let's go bowling!

no bowling tonight as it is a public holiday. i thought i'd still put the picture up, just because i like it...

the soundtrack of the last 24hrs:

remastered - the best of : steely dan
can't buy a thrill - steely dan
the very best of : elvis costello
a bunch of good old aussie stuff -
the real thing / sweet sweet love : russell morris
a little ray of sunshine : axiom
gonna see my baby tonight : la de das
teach me how to fly : jeff st john
i'll be around / dear prudence : doug parkinson
winter in america : doug ashdown
the gypsy queen : country radio