Friday, April 23, 2004

eek!! i got it!!!

i have a new job!!! yeah me!!! it was a bit of a one horse race. there had been external applications but i know the system and already know the basics of the job so they don't need to train me as much. even so, i'm very pleased with myself! no more late shifts (unless it's overtime) and no more being chained to my desk by my headset!! i will start as soon as they are able to find someone to fill my position in the call centre. i have not been able to wipe the dumb grin off my face all day!

apart from the obvious, another good day. more timchat, currently engaged in kimchat, 5 dogs. happy susan.

random meme for friday:

daily dirt!

Would you...

1. eat a slug for $10? no
2. jump off the roof of your house for $15? (no safety nets or harnesses!) never
3. lick a taxi drivers armpit for $50? non
4. french kiss michael jackson for 10 minutes for $60? nein
5. moon in front of 100 people you know and know of for $100? não

what part of the word 'no' do you not understand???

today's soundtrack:
franz ferdinand : franz ferdinand (really great stuff!)
short note : matt finish
it's my life : talk talk
ray of light : madonna
the best of : 10cc
the very best of : elvis costello
can't buy a thrill : steely dan
remastered - the best of : steely dan

edit: it is now 3:37am and i'm still kimchatting... eek, 6 hours and i'm having too much fun to sleep...