Sunday, September 12, 2004

back to school

my primary school's 85th anniversary was a lot of fun. one of the guests was a 98 year old lady who was the 12th person to be enrolled in the school - she got a rousing round of applause. i was a bit disappointed that there were not many people there from my year. i did catch up with one old friend. we hung out for a while and swapped numbers and will try to catch up again. we had a lot of fun trying to cram what we've both done in the last 32 years into a few hours of conversation. it was interesting that we both have slightly different views about where we fitted into the primary school social scale - she always felt like an outsider yet i thought she was pretty cool and popular.

my sanity survived. it was the desire to come home and sleep in my own bed that has me at home tonight.

  1. Self-esteem :: self-worth
  2. Migraine :: aura
  3. Phoebe :: saturn
  4. Nervous :: wreck
  5. Punctual :: on the dot
  6. Liver damage :: too much vodka
  7. Legal disclaimer :: not responsible
  8. Reverend :: lovejoy
  9. Supple :: lithe
  10. Binder :: foolscap
no soundtrack this weekend - my earphones have gone to the great cd player in the sky

this week's 'to-do' list:
buy new earphones!