Sunday, September 19, 2004

digital eskimos?

i had a pretty big saturday.

a nice sleep in until 9am. coloured my hair with schwarzkopf country colours in 'madagascar' - a very nice reddish brown - the silver has been suppressed for a few weeks.

ho came over in the early afternoon to sort out the digital tv box - it is working better with the aerial on the windowsill - i can get channels 7, 9, 10 & sbs but sadly no abc and sometimes ch9 disappears.

later in the afternoon, i went with miss e to the ritz to see 'the bourne supremacy'. i quite enjoyed it. i had no idea what it was about as i've not read the books or seen the previous film. it was made all the nicer by having the delicious karl urban in it - what a lovely looking boy...

tonight, miss and i went to the enmore theatre to see 'eskimo joe'. the support band, 'dogs die in hot cars' (another scottish band) were very good - i'm playing their cd now - i just had to buy it. eskimo were their usual awesome selves. miss e and i feel we may to officially declare our groupiedom. we even bought the tour poster for $5 at the end of the show (they were $10 at the beginning!). when i told colorado tim that we were going to see them for the 3rd time this year, he asked if we threw our housekeys on the stage with our addresses attached. i had not ever thought of doing that but thanked him for the tip... (i would never do it but i'm sure there are girls who would.) i've never been a 'starf*cker', as a friend of mine has so delicately described those who do go out of their way to get close to their musical/entertainment heroes.

today's soundtrack:
eskimo joe & dogs die in hot cars : live at the enmore
describe yourself : dogs die in hot cars