Friday, September 17, 2004

blah blah blah

hopefully my computer wont crash before i post this... it desperately needs to be upgraded but i just don't have the funds for that at the moment.

anyway, i'm back. i had nowt to say in the last few days, so i didn't say it...

digital tv is on the back burner. we only managed to tune into 2 channels. ho thinks the bunny ears aren't strong enough. he is coming back tomorrow with his whizzo aerial. if that helps to get the rest of the channels, i'll toddle of to tandy to get one for myself.

i was going to post last night (just to assure my adoring fans that i'm still alive and blogging) but ended up chatting to colorado tim for 3 hours instead. i was asleep by 10.30pm - an unheard of occurrence in the 3rd daughter's house!! that is the first night that i have not seen midnight in a awfully long time!

tonight, i had dinner with mrs jane and then we did some bowling. being a social game and not having to worry about points for the team, i bowled a leisurely 107, 86, 87... mrs jane has not bowled for two years and still managed to beat me in two games! the six year old in the next lane beat me in the last game! half of the 2nd game and the 3rd were bowled in disco mode. main lights off - disco lights, mirror balls and ultraviolet on. it makes it very hard to see what you're doing but my shoelaces and the stitching on my jeans were fabulously white! hopefully i've got all the crap throws over for the week and can bowl a 200 game on monday - ha! ha!! ha!!! i can dream...

this week's soundtrack:
the last broadcast : doves
the final straw : snow patrol
the libertines : the libertines
the runaway found : the veils