Friday, September 10, 2004

still here...

i decided to stay home tonight and make the trek out to the ancestral home tomorrow. without giving away tmi, certain body aches and pains left me in no mood to lug a backpack full of clothing into work this morning. i'll save that for tomorrow when it will less stressful.

a fairly quiet 17 dog day. i managed to leave my purse at home but the lovely boys at i'm starving allowed me to have my morning coffee and my lunch on credit. they know i'm good for it!

i've finally got my new phone sorted and can email photos from it. here is some jasmine from the the back garden, in my allegedly antique edwardian vase with my handmade (by me) leadlight panel in the background.

p.s. in anther snit fit, tonight i have removed the blogsnob ads from my site because they have suddenly changed from a simple, elegant, little ad to a garish 3" x 1.5" box in a vile shade of blue with shocking pink text - even blogsnob was spelt incorrectly as blosnob. either they've been hacked or they have done the hacking and unless it goes back to the previous nice format, it's not going to reappear on my blog.