Thursday, September 09, 2004

champion tantrum chucker

ooh er!! who's got her grump on today! earlier this evening my blog was looking very poorly. there were no links for comments, no blogrolls and the referrer list was empty. basically, all of my external linkage was kaput. posted my little snipe and logged off. i decided to give the worldwidewhatever another chance and am happy to see my wee bloggy restored to her former glory.

i had a little tanty at work today too. while doing backup for the call centre, i was taking calls while call centre staff were in 'idle' status. the explanation given was just not good enough - i cannot understand why 'backup' staff are taking calls when 'actual' call centre staff are available. i'll probably get my arse kicked for my little ruckus but it will be worth it. i'm a born troublemaker. my access to the call monitoring progamme has already been disabled - they'd forgotten that it was installed on my machine...

lunch with miss marina today. i'm blessed to have been given the chance to rekindle our friendship.

i've just seen this on sbs - very, very strange...

i'm off to visit the parental unit for the weekend and may not be back until monday (or sunday, if my sanity is at stake...)

keep the blogfires burning until i return.